GEMI - smallest conveyor system

Stand-by for all options and eventualities

Why should you really have this system?

If existing systems fail or have to be overhauled our GEMI can be easily attached to any existing system with a flexible joint. In this way absorption and release of the material is provided. It impresses with its low weight and can be moved and positioned with little effort by a pallet truck or forklift to any site of operation.

The system is completely pre-programmed and only needs to be connected electrically and pneumatically. Therefore, any unnecessary effort is required.


  • You need:

    • Power connector
    • Compressed air, dry and oil-free
    • 1 m² footprint


The system is designed for continious use as well as for low supply rates. Material to be conveyed from 50 µm to a grain size of 5 mm:


  • Dust
  • Sand
  • Bentonite
  • Coal/carbon
  • Lime


Type of conveying:


  • Dense phase conveyance


The plant provides no weighing system. It is programmed and pneumatically prepared that up to 4 available material conveying nozzles or activators can be adapted. All operation times and settings can be adjusted to customer requirements; based on material to be conveyed and situation.